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You want your home safe and clean, but that doesn’t mean you have to coat your home with chemicals or toxins. Many cleaning products are filled with ingredients that, despite tackling grease and dirt, actually increase the health risks in your home. Why add that extra layer of fear and concern about your family’s health and safety?

Thanks to recent events, more people now realize that we need to be attuned with nature, while also prioritizing cleanliness. What better way to explore that unique relationship with Mother Earth than by using homemade, all-natural DIY cleaning products?

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While most messes can get by with your basic household cleaners, there are always some that require a bit more elbow grease. Have you ever pulled back a picture from the wall to see speckles of mildew? Or walked into your child’s bedroom right after they finished putting an entire book of stickers on the wall?

There are unexpected scenarios when you need or want a different cleaning product to help fix your problem or clean up a household mess. Here are 5 products you should keep on hand in your home in case of emergency.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Crayon on the wall won’t stand a chance. Stubborn stains on the kitchen floor are no match. Whatever the accident, spill, or mess might be, Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser can help you clean it up. Activated by water, the tiny fibers and filaments in the sponge will draw out even the toughest dirt. You can get several uses out of one sponge, but just keep in mind that it loses its potency after each use. Since it is an abrasive sponge, be sure to avoid using it on surfaces that are glossy or shiny. When using the sponge on wood, test a small portion to see how it reacts by using it on the rest of the surface.

Surface Scrubs

For caked on grime and grease, surface scrubs can transform any bathroom or kitchen with built-up dirt. These non-scratching powders help lift and remove set-in stains and age-old mold. You can get results from a tried-and-true brand like Comet with Bleach Scrubbing Cleanser, or lean into an effective all-natural surface scrub like Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Surface Scrub. Both of these products dissolve soap scum and kill germs. Let them sit for 15 to 60 seconds before scrubbing them with a sponge or a cloth.

Microfiber Cloths

Did you accidentally spill the entire pot of spaghetti sauce on the floor? Paper towels not only rip and tear on these kinds of messes, but most brands have a pretty hefty carbon footprint. If you want to really clean up heavy messes, especially the liquid ones that seem to go on and on, microfiber cloths are the way to go. Not only do you help the environment by going reusable, but you also get a better, deeper and more sanitary clean with the positively-charged fibers. Best of all, you’ll never have to stress if your local grocery store is out of paper towels!

Distilled White Vinegar

Can’t get the stains and smells out of your child’s soccer uniform? If you’ve tried everything to no avail, consider soaking them in water with a tablespoon of distilled white vinegar.

Does your dog keep tracking mud through your kitchen? Add a quarter cup of white vinegar to your mopping solution.

From lifting stains to cleaning laundry to shining windows, distilled white vinegar is an essential ingredient to keep in your household cleaning tool belt. Vinegar is inexpensive, all-natural, and you probably already have some in your kitchen pantry.

Keep in mind that because it’s acidic, distilled white vinegar is not a good idea for granite or marble. For other surfaces, however, it can work wonders!

Goo Gone

Some messes can be a little hard to identify, especially if you have kids. Goo Gone is a must-have for any sticky, tricky mess. From candle wax to sticker tape, from latex paint to grease, this power adhesive remover also comes as an all-purpose cleaner. Stubborn, tough messes are often no match for this mighty cleaner. People who work frequently with tools often report Goo Gone as an ideal cleaners for their saws, wood glue, small hand tools and more.  

When it comes to keeping your house clean — especially during flu seasons, pandemics, or other crises when every surface could be a health risk — it’s crucial to be thorough. Any one of the cleaning products listed here can be a huge help in keeping your home safe and sanitary. Enlist these products to help to clean up after your kids and pets. Be sure to keep some of these ingredients on hand in your home for those unexpected messes. You can thank us later!

  • Seventh Generation
    • The Clean:This toilet cleaner is tough on toilet stains without harsh fumes. It’s also septic safe.
    • The Green: It’s biodegradable, kosher, and gluten free. It’s scented only with essential oils and botanical extracts. The product is USDA Certified Biobased Product 97%, and all Seventh Generation products are cruelty free.
    • About the Company: Seventh Generation is B Corps certified. The company is spearheading a campaign to pass laws to require ingredient disclosure on cleaning products and a foundation to positively impact communities
  • Woolzies Dryer Balls
    • The Clean: As it turns out, the best dryer sheets aren’t sheets at all! Unscented, environmentally-friendly dryer balls are made of wool. The gentle friction during tumbling removes static and wrinkles in your clothes.
    • The Green: Reusable dryer balls eliminate the need for disposable sheets. Plus, they create space between clothes to promote better air circulation. This saves energy by reducing drying time by 25%.
    • About the Company: Woolzies products combine essential oils with natural ingredients to create household cleaning products.
  • Attitude
    • The Clean: Grapefruit extract leaves your clothes smelling and feeling great. Formulated for cold water.
    • The Green: Ingredients are natural, hypoallergenic, and free of irritating enzymes. Attitude products contain no cancer-causing chemicals, mutagens, or endocrine disruptors.
    • About the Company: Products are made with 100% renewable energy, and Attitude offsets greenhouse gas emissions. Attitude is a member of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Program and surpasses EcoLogo’s standards in every step of the sourcing and manufacturing process.
  • Ecos
    • The Clean: Safe to use on all washable fabrics and in all water temperatures, this detergent can be used in both high-efficiency (he) and standard washing machines. Concentrated formula removes soils and stains.
    • The Green: This hypoallergenic detergent boasts a neutral pH and integrated coconut-based fabric softener. It’s also 100% biodegradable and free of 4-Dioxane, petrochemicals, and formaldehyde. It’s gluten free and carries the EPA Safer Choice designation.

About the Company: ECOS products are manufactured in one of four carbon-neutral plants using zero-waste guidelines.

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
    • The Clean: Microfibers grab and hold dust and prevent it from escaping back into the air. They won’t scratch wood or other surfaces, eliminating the need to polish or oil them.
    • The Green: Eliminate waste from disposable dusters with these machine-washable, reusable cloths.
    • A variety of companies make microfiber cleaning cloths. They can be purchased online or at local retailers where kitchen appliances are sold.  
  • Ovente
      • The Clean: HEPA filtration removes 99.97% of allergens from the air. A translucent dust compartment lets you know when you should empty it. Accessories include hard floor brush, carpet brush, crevice nozzle, upholstery tool. Telescoping wand, pet hair brush, and multi-angle flex brush.
      • The Green: This bagless vacuum cleaner has an energy-saving suction feature. Filters can be washed out with water to extend their use.
      • About the Company: Ovente seeks to provide consumers with the best kitchen appliances with an emphasis on energy savings.
  • Vinegar
    • Plain, white vinegar is one of the simplest solutions when it comes to mopping. Simply add ¼ cup of vinegar to 4 cups of hot water. Combine with a few drops of an essential oil of your choice for fragrance. Floors will be clean and sanitary, but not sticky.
  • Microfiber Wholesale
    • The Clean: The 18-inch mop head swivels 360 degrees to access hard-to-reach spots under furniture and around corners. The mop can be used for wet or dry dusting.
    • The Green: Mop pads and dust pads are machine washable, reducing waste, saving money, and eliminating the need for disposable pads. The stainless steel handle will stand up to frequent use and outlast plastic alternatives.
    • About the Company: Microfiber Wholesale was not created to be eco-friendly. The reusable nature of their products is what makes them green.