Heading out to a public place? Don’t forget your mask! Today’s health guidelines indicate that properly wearing and handling a face mask can help protect yourself and others from harmful germs. This infographic gives steps for what to do before putting the mask on, how to wear it correctly, and how to safely discard it.

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People are often surprised to find that many of the old-fashioned home remedies and natural approaches to cleaning that their parents and grandparents used are as effective as they ever were. Most of these substances are environmentally safe and make excellent alternatives to modern-day cleaning products with toxic components. Many of the latter products, although popular, contain ammonia, chlorine, sodium hydroxide and other toxins. Additionally, many (if not all) of these products are currently hard to find due to an increased demand of keeping the home free of germs.

A movement aimed at emphasizing environmentally friendly cleaning substances has given rise to many green alternatives, and encouraged people concerned with the residual, long-term effects of toxins to employ their own home-grown solutions. If you can’t find the cleaning products you’re looking for at the store and wish to try more natural alternatives that are safer and healthier for you and the environment, read on. 

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When we get ready to put a load of laundry in the wash, the last thing we realize is that we’re soaking our laundry in toxic chemicals that can damage our health and well-being. For example, dioxane, a likely carcinogenic chemical, can be found in surprisingly high levels in various cleaning products including detergents. 


Want to get your clothes clean and keep your family safe from harmful chemicals? Try out these 6 tips for keeping your colors vibrant and whites bright without toxic chemicals. Bonus: These tips will help you save money!

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Whether you just bought a home or you’re moving to a new apartment, you want everything to be spick and span before settling in. Cleaning before move-in creates a healthier environment, ensures your new place has a fresh feel and makes ongoing upkeep easier. Unfortunately, most of us are short on money and time after a big move. So how can you get your new place move-in ready without spending a fortune or sacrificing tons of time? This speedy, budget-friendly and eco-friendly cleaning checklist is how!

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